After eating hundreds of meals from plastic containers, we can ensure you they are not all made the same. Between microwaving, dishwashing, and daily handling, containers used for meal prep take on massive amounts of abuse . Choosing a meal prep container comes down to three qualities: durablelightweight, and secure.

Types of containers can range from protein shakers to plastic bags. It’s a great idea to develop habits early on by storing certain meal and snack types in specific containers. Over the years, we’ve noticed using the same type of container for certain items can help speed things up a bit. We’ve broken these types of meal prep containers down below with our top pick for each.

Our Must-Have Meal Prep Containers

Meal Size

The most important container. It’s easy to settle with the Glad or store brand containers. Over the years I’ve went through them all, frustrated with cracks, stains, odors, mismatches and no lids.

My suggestion is to stick with one brand and throw away the rest to keep your cabinet organized. Bye bye Chinese take-out containers!

The Isolator containers are the best I’ve came across. They’re rigid, yet lightweight. My 6 month old containers are still stain free, even after the harshest tomato sauces. The black plastic also makes for a more appetizing meal. Food just looks great in them!

Isolator offers 12oz, 16oz, 28oz and 38oz size containers with only 2 different lid sizes.

Snack Size

The Blender Bottle GoStak is our second favorite. The Tritan plastic is BPA free, stain and odor proof. Plus they’re super strong! I love how they interlock together. The only thing I’ve ran into is the lids can be difficult to twist off. Using the bottom of another Stak to twist the lid worked.

Blender Bottle offers sizes 150cc, 100cc, 60cc and 40cc for different uses. The 40cc is perfect for peanut butter or dressing. Works great as a gym carry, 60cc for pre-workout and 150cc for protein powder.

Blender Bottle

The Blender Bottle is by far the BEST shaker bottle available. I love these things. My kitchen cabinet is full of them. Three simple parts: lid, whisk ball and lid. It seals perfectly without a rubber gasket which is awesome!

The bottle is made to withstand a beating and is BPA free. The stainless steel wire whisk blends great; casein, peanut butter, aminos.

Try using it for breakfast! Throw in your eggs, diced tomatoes, ham, cheese, onions, then shake. Perfect fluffy omelet. Check out Blender Bottles recipe page.

Mason Jars

For a simple, all-in-one meal prep, the mason jar works wonders. I use them for overnight oats and side salads. Add all your favorite salad ingredients. When you’re ready to eat, just shake. Here’s an awesome mason jar salad tutorial.

The 1 quart jars are perfect for an entire meal, even if it is just rice, chicken and broccoli. Mason jars can be used in all kinds of ways. They clean much easier than plastic and last longer.

Plastic Bags

Cheap and no cleanup. You’re grandma was meal prepping before you were born. Sandwich bags are the original meal prep containers. I’m sure you remember opening up school lunches hoping for a peanut butter sandwich with no crest.

A simple plastic bag can make meal prep magical. Portion out everything so it’s grab-and-go. Toss in one bag of grapes, one bag of carrots, one bag with protein power, meal container, and you’re out the door.