The key to staying on top of eating goals is keeping meals handy and organized. We all know the tale of the “Hold me over meal”. While out running errands we realize it’s time for a meal. With a stomach in knots, it seems the only option is a questionable grilled chicken something from some fast food drive thru. After the car drives off, the damage sets in. It’s brushed off as a cheat meal but the sickness of eating processed food lasts all day.

There’s a simple solution to this cycle of madness. Handy meals leave no excuses for bad choices. Imagine starting the day with 3-6 perfectly portioned meals, daily supplements, healthy snacks, two shakers, utensils, accessories, and anything else in your eating routine.

Meal bags provide functions normal lunch boxes lack. They’re designed for organization and portability that a fitness lifestyle requires. Special ice pack components and insulated walls keep meals fresh all day.

 Fitness and Nutrition On-The-Go

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6 Pack Fitness Innovator

Meal management with style and function. 6 Pack leads the industry with style options to fit any lifestyle. My favorite is the Voyager Laptop Backpack, perfect for a college student. They even have designer inspired bags for women.

6 Pack bags are the most widely known throughout the fitness industry. For a great all-around bag that expresses your style, you can’t go wrong with a 6 Pack bag.

Included: 3 containers, supplement organizer, 2 ice packs

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Isobag by Isolator Fitness

The Isobag is Made in America and the quality shows. Isolator has unique black containers which make even the blandest food look amazing. I found myself placing veggies, protein and carbs inside the containers in almost art form.

Food has no problem staying cold all day while at work or around town. Each ice pack also keep the side and top compartments cool. The Isobag is a perfect option if you need a little more space compared to the 6 Pack or The Box.

Included: 5 containers and 2 ice packs

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The Box by Fitmark

Compact, tough and lightweight. The Box is made out of ballistic nylon to withstand a busy lifestyle. Don’t let size fool you, we fit a water bottle, 4 meals, ice packs, vitamins, supps, utensils, and a workout journal in this beast.  It’s well insulated so keeping meals cold for 8 hours was a breeze.

We’d recommend The Box to anyone with portability on their mind, i.e. frequently traveling on public transportation or have bags to carry daily.

Included: SmartShake 20oz Fitmark shaker bottle, 2 container and 2 ice packs.